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Vol. 2 No. 2 (2015) : Series F


DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.

K Njunwa, M J Kim, J B Gahutu

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Nursing and Midwifery Education in Rwanda : Telling our Story

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.1F

D Mukamana, G Uwiyeze, A Sliney

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State of the World in Nursing Research

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.2F

H C Klopper, M C Gasanganwa

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Innovation in Nursing and Midwifery Education and Research

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.3F

F M Mulaudzi, D A Chyun

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Optimizing Nursing and Midwifery Practice in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.4F

A Gitembagara, M V Relf, R Pyburn

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Clinical Practice Realities : World and African Perspectives

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.5F

O Bazirete, J Murekezi, J Niyokindi

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Global Collaboration in Nursing and Midwifery “Talking it out”

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.6F

P Hardtman, E Dufatanye, C Maribori

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Promoting Innovation in Global Nursing Practice

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.7F

P Brysiewicz, T L Hughes, L L McCreary

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Remembering and Re-Experiencing Trauma during Genocide Commemorations : The Effect of Supportive-Expressive Group Therapy in a Selected District Hospital in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.8F

D Gishoma, J-L Brackelaire, N Munyandamutsa, J Mujawayezu, A A Mohand, Y Kayiteshonga

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Does the Environment Exacerbate Effects of Stress on Black Women’s Food Choices ?

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.9F

S N Zenk

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Preventing Hypothermia in Preterm Infants : A Program of Research

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.10F

R B Knobel-Dail

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Evidence Based Practice : Valuable and Successful Examples from Nursing and Midwifery in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.11F

M Moen, I Ndateba, A Collins, J D Iyamuremye

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Looking forward to the East African Countries’ Collaboration in Nursing and Midwifery Education, Practice and Legislation

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.12F

S Leshabari, R ChaloNabirye, D Mukamana, J Mill

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Abstract : Identifying Nurse Education Needs with Documentation Audits

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.13F

A T Bambrick, E Iraguha

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Abstract : Evaluation of the Use and Value of Nursing Care Plans in Nursing Practice at a Referral Hospital, Kigali, Rwanda : Nurses’ Perspectives

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.14F

G Banamwana, A M Smith

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Abstract : Introducing Rubrics as an Objective Assessment Strategy

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.15F

B Oliva

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Abstract : Collaborative Partnership to Build the Nursing and Midwifery Profession in Rwanda : University of Rwanda College of Nursing and Midwifery and University of Illinois, Chicago College of Nursing

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.16F

M C Gasangangwa, D Mukumana, R White, A Grove, T Hughes

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Abstract : Workplace Setting of Mental Health Nursing Program Graduates in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.17F

M C Gasanganwa, B Umubyeyi, D Gishoma

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Abstract : Challenges of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Mental Health Nurses Working in Kigali, Rwanda and Development of Management Strategies

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.18F

J D Iyamuremye

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Abstract : Helping Others to Find the Leader within Themselves : Training Leadership in Kibungo District Hospital, Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.19F

C Ntakirutimana, I Kagabo, M Kidner

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Abstract : Innovations in Nursing and Midwifery Education and Practice : New York University College of Nursing Working with Rwandan Colleagues

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.20F

M T Martelly, L Mukashyaka, G Uwizeye, D A Chyun, R T Klar

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Abstract : The Prevailing Nursing Culture in Private Hospitals in Kenya and its Role in Registered Nurses’ Turnover

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.21F

G Mbuthia

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Abstract : Training of Advanced Cardiac Life Support Skills to Nursing Staff in Critical Areas of Care

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.22F

J Mpambara, J C Musengimana, V Ruhumuliza, K Carlson

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Abstract : Implementation of Pre-Operative Checklist : An Effort to Reduce Delays in Surgery and to Improve Patient Safety

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.23F

D Muhimpundu, M Batangana, E Iyamuremye, D Nyirasebura, R Borey

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Abstract : Use of E-Learning to Advance Nursing Education in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.24F

M Murebwayire, I Biroli, H Ewing

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Abstract : Category Allocation and Education for Accident/Emergency Department Nurses at Referral Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.25F

Jean Claude Musengimana, Susan Bosworth

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Abstract : Evaluation of Accident and Emergency Triage at a University Teaching Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.26F

Janet Niwenkunda, Christine Uwineza, Chance Delphine Mukakamali, Jean-Claude Byiringiro, Jessica Tsuchiya, Stephanie Lukas

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Abstract : Cultural Humility in Nursing Practice

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.27F

Aimable Nkurunziza, Alice Nyirazigama, Isabelle Soule

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Abstract : Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching (VAT) on Knowledge and Practice of Dental Hygiene in Bangalore’s Primary Schools

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.28F

Christine Nyirahabimana

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Abstract : Duke University School of Nursing’s Impact on Nursing and Midwifery Education in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.29F

Patricia Moreland, Isabelle Soule, Linda Vanhook, Linda Baxter, Claire McKinley Yoder, Michael V Relf

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Abstract : Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program : Genesis and Evolution of the Nursing and Midwifery Program

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.30F

Glorieuse Uwizeye, Anne M Sliney

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Abstract : Creation and Implementation of an Emergency Trolley in the Pediatric Department at University Teaching Hospital of Butare (CHUB) : The Way Forward for Quality Resuscitation

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.31F

Charles Twagirayezu, Stephanie Taylor

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Abstract : Validating a Questionnaire Assessing Knowledge and Awareness of Emergency Trolleys : Revisions Required to Account for Variances in a Low Resource Setting

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.32F

Charles Twagirayezu, Stephanie Taylor, Julie Pfeffer

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Abstract : A Collaborative Approach to Poverty Reduction and Health Improvement : Kibungo School of Nursing and Midwifery Project

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.33F

Jean Damascene Twahirwa, Venant Mutiganda, Christian Ntakirutimana, Maria Kidner, Maureen Connell

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Abstract : Assessment of Common Perinatal Mental Disorders in a Selected District Hospital of the Eastern Province in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.34F

Marie Providence Umuziga, Oluyinka Adejumo, Michael Hynie

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Abstract : Effectiveness of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy on Incidence of Tuberculosis in Adult People Living with HIV in Selected Districts of Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.35F

Marie C Uwamahoro, Lonia M Mwape, Soka Nyirenda

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Abstract : Implementing Infection Control Measures in Neonatology at Muhima Hospital

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.36F

Claudine Uwimana, Claire McKinley Yoder

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Abstract : Exploring the Factors Contributing to Stress and Coping Strategies of Nurses at University Teaching Hospital of Butare in Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.37F

Uwimana Marie Chantal, Kerr Jane

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Abstract : Trauma Tapping Technique : Practical First Aid for Stress and Trauma

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.38F

Marie Claire Gasanganwa, Rebecca L White

Abstract : Implementing Sustainable International Accepted Trainings at Muhima Hospital, Kigali, Rwanda

DOI : 10.4314/rj.v2i2.39F

Saideth Gato, Rondi Anderson

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