University of Rwanda Journals

In 1965 a journal was launched under the name L’Informateur, it was a forum for sharing information on academic matters. In January 1977, it was renamed Etudes Rwandaises and focused on publishing research works conducted in or on Rwanda.  Etudes Rwandaises published two series:

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. (ii) Basic, Natural and Applied Sciences.

Publication was not regular and it was interrupted in 1992 due to civil unrest. Publication was resumed in 2000.

In 2009 its name changed to Rwanda Journal and the journal was indexed in 2010 with Africa Journals Online ( ) as an internationally recognised Peer Reviewed Journal, it has had a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) since 2011.

In 2013 when public higher education institutions in Rwanda were merged to form the University of Rwanda 8 sections were formed.


Series A: Arts and Humanities

Series B: Social Sciences

Series C: Mathematical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Series D: Life Science & Natural Sciences

Series E: Agricultural Sciences

Series F: Medicine and Health Sciences

Series G: Law

Series H: Economics and Management


In 2018, the series of Rwanda Journal has split into 5 independent Journals

  • Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business (Merger from former Journal Series, A, B, G and H)
  • Rwanda Journal of Science, Engineering, Technology and Environment (Merger from former Journals Series C and D)
  • Rwanda Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (Formerly Series E)
  • Rwanda Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences (Formerly Series F)
  • Rwanda Journal of Education (Formerly Rwandan Journal of Education)


The journals publish original works on both fundamental and applied research. Such works either demonstrate a significant new discovery or other contribution that has been established to fairly rigorous scientific standards. The Journal will publish articles written in standard British English. However, articles on a specific subject matter will be published in the language of the subject matter and will contain an abstract in British English.